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Our Staff

We are building a team of professionals who share our desire to help intense, sensitive gifted children and adults and their families.

Dr. Mary Wandrei

My specialization in the field of gifted and talented individuals began after I became a parent in 2003, developed through extensive reading and continuing education, and continues to be enriched by regular, formal consultation with other GT specialists in a variety of fields. I also find it essential to continue my learning through discussions with parents, educators, health professionals, and gifted children and adults when I participate in and speak at local, state, and national conferences.

Jane Keller

Jane Keller has worked in the mental health field for fifteen years. She has her doctorate of psychology from Argosy University, and specializes in young (0-4 year old) children and their families. Jane is currently working with Mary Wandrei on clinical management and policy development at Wandrei Psychological Services and The Cottonwood Center . She expects to open her clinical practice to new clients in Fall 2015.

Jane has three children and lives on a hobby farm with her husband and Scottish Highland cows, pygmy goats, chickens, cats, and two old dogs.

Tina Van Erp

Tina Van Erp, M.Ed. is a Gifted Learner Coach, Learning Specialist and Teacher Trainer with 20 years of experience supporting gifted learners and their families. As The River® Coach, she empowers gifted learner through knowledge of themselves as a learner, a positive relationship with learning and developing their own style of self-advocacy. 

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