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Mindfulness Practices

What is a Mindful Living Practice?

It is the practice of being fully present, moment by moment, in a curious and non-judgmental way. It allows for having the awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. You have the choice to change your life experience through this awareness.


Hypnosis is a method of deep relaxation that allows your sub-conscious mind and your conscious mind to communicate and make positive changes in your life. Some of the many ways include:

Change negative habits to positive routines

Increase confidence/self-esteem

Release emotional blockages

Qigong Practice and Healing

Qigong is an ancient practice that combines movement and breathing to maintain physical and emotional well-being. Developing a personal practice assists you in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Qigong healing is a method of identifying energy blockages in your system that are causing you “dis-ease” and opening up those blockages to assist in your healing.


Session Type Duration Cost
Family Mindfulness Program 3 one-hour sessions $180
Individual Mindfulness Program 3 one-hour sessions $180
Small Group Mindfulness Program 3 one-hour sessions $60/person
Individual Hypnosis Session 75-minute session $120
Hypnosis Three Session Package 3 75-minute sessions $300
Qigong Personal Practice Group One-hour session $20/person (minimum of 3 people)
Individual Qigong Healing Session 30-minute session $60

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