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What We Do

We assist individuals and families who are facing challenges and are ready for new perspectives that honor both individual uniqueness and interpersonal relationships.

Being and intense, sensitive child - or raising one - can be lonely and painful. Mainstream culture is not set up to accept and support gifted and other intense people.

Instead of feeling isolated, kids and their families coming to Cottonwood Center sense that they might meet a friend at any moment. Their interests are respected, celebrated and engaged. There are opportunities to try new, creative activities. The scariness and discomfort of the social-emotional work will give way to an environment that is supportive, understanding and nonjudgmental.

Assessment & Testing

Psychological and intellectual assessment takes place when a psychologist considers an individual’s current functioning in light of referral questions posed by the individual, their family, and/or other professionals involved in their lives.

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Through a positive and personal relationship with learning and knowledge of yourself as a learner, you can be empowered to be in charge of your education and ultimately your life and health.

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Our passion and specialty in the last six years has been to promote exploring, connecting, and growing for SCIGNNeTs: sensitive, creative, intense, gifted, and/or non-neurotypical individuals.

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