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Cottonwood Center

exploring. connecting. growing.

Serving gifted, sensitive, intense, and/or reactive people through therapeutic and social engagement.

Why the "Cottonwood" Center?

My goal in starting The Cottonwood Center has always been to make a space for individuals and families to find welcome, safety, and encouragement to continue their journeys.

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Meet Josh Chambers

I began my career as a professional athlete in 1999. Fifteen broken bones later, it was time for a change. So I moved to New York City and became a tech entrepreneur and designer. Along the way, I became a dad to two (amazing) neurodivergent kids, kicking off a lifelong journey into understanding the unique strengths and challenges that are inherent to being gifted and neurodivergent. This personal experience, coupled with my 1:1 work in coaching entrepreneurs, led me to pursue a career in counseling with a focus on helping kids, parents, and adults navigate giftedness with empathy, insight, and clarity

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