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Cottonwood Center

exploring. connecting. growing.

Serving gifted, sensitive, intense, and/or reactive people through therapeutic and social engagement.

Why the "Cottonwood" Center?

My goal in starting The Cottonwood Center has always been to make a space for individuals and families to find welcome, safety, and encouragement to continue their journeys.

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Meet Sam Lorang

I am a creative at heart with experience as both an illustrator and a chef. The birth of my son prompted me to look inward and assess where my skills and passion really lie, and it is with people. I love people- their histories, and their stories, and especially how they relate to themselves and others. This has led me to a career as a counselor. I am currently finishing a master’s program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. I am very excited to be working with gifted and neurodivergent young people and their families. I look forward to meeting and working alongside you. I view the therapeutic relationship as a sacred time where we are able to share ourselves and learn from each other.

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What We Do

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